Friday, March 25, 2011

You might want to check this out!

  So as you know I follow a few blogs and I REALLY enjoy their journeys.So today if you want to check out one that in my opionion is pretty darn cool.Green food,Green Thumb,High Heels~ I love the name!! She is celebrating her 1 year anniversary being veggie.She talks in her post about how she feels being veggie and her year.I think it's a great post!!
  I will be absent for a few days work,work and more work!! Everybody have a great weekend and how about thinking up a Meatless Monday meal and report back on how it went.


  1. I started following her yesterday. Great blog!
    Have a good weekend, don't work too hard!

  2. aww thanks for the shout-out AND stylist blogger award. You are too sweet :)

  3. Loves Veggies... It's easy to say something great about someone when you really like what they do!!