Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Locavore" my review

   So I just finished Sarah Elton's Locavore.I have to share what I felt about this book.It took me longer than usual to read.It was alot of information and she is a great writer. I just felt I needed to read it slowly. With all that I am learning I felt a pull to read this book.

  Sarah is a Canadian woman and her journey starts with eating a cookie. She was looking forward to eating it with her daughter.When she happens to look at the label she is shocked it is "made in China".She lives in Toronto and she has a hard time understanding that a cookie came that far and not from a local bakery?So this sets her off on her "quest to understand more about the foods we eat and the way I feed my family of four". I like the way Sarah questions the fact that her cookie has come this far and why not in her area.She had me hooked in the first couple of paragraphs.

  She questions and asks whether industrial agriculture is sustainable.She begins her quest with farmers. She finds out how tough it is, how they must think in new ways and how some of these  farms, foodies, urbanites, gardeners and chefs are making changes across Canada.This takes her from the maritimes, British Columbia(beautiful!!lol)Saskatchewan, and Quebec.I loved the stories of the farmers looking for new ways to survive and thrive in Canada.They are thinking differently and enhancing their skills.

   She has stories of some of the new people being drawn into farming. Some of these people have no connection to farming but feel a powerful connection to the earth.Sarah introduces some of the innovative farming programs for teaching these new farmers.In is so interesting.

  The biggest reason I really enjoyed this book.....HOPE. I have been watching alot of programs and the weight of them can make you feel helpless.Not in Sarah's book I found a reason to believe that we will find a way to make things more sustainable.That we as consumers don't want to have to rely on food that has to be flown or trucked in.That there are people out there that are making a difference on a local level.That there is a demand for products and ingredients grown closer to home.I loved the stories of people growing there own food and using farmers markets to sell their products. People who are fascinated by trying something new and making it better.It always amazes me what people can accomplish.

  What did I decide to change or try because of this book.

  1~shop at the farmers market this spring and summer.

  2~look into my local vegetable box program.You can check out one yourself for Prince George-P&G organics

  3-Ask questions-where is your food coming from?where was it produced?

  4-Is the farm organic?

  5-eating in season..this is something I am becoming more aware of.

  6-Cook and bake more of my own products to cut down on processing.

  7-go pick some of my own berries this year.Josh would love this!!

  8- I am going to learn how to cook my own bread this year.Locally in Prince George we have Red Rooster Artisian Breads . I am not saying that I would do this all the time.But, they do classes in the summer about making bread without dairy.I figure a afternoon with family or friends in the sun. With a nice lunch of fresh made pizza, a glass of wine and you take home bread.How great would that be?

  9-One of my resolutions this year was to learn new cooking techniques from friends and family.My sister has said her Japanese exchange student would teach us to cook tofu.One of my other friends has a woman who has done alot of world travelling and she would teach us vegan meals.I am taking some raw classes with my family in April .I am just opening myself up to learning as much as I can.

 10.Attend The Razzel Dazzel Do in Prince George this year on August 6th for Cystic Fibrosis.This is held on a local farm and they use a locally grown food.We couldn't make it last year but, this year I am going.

  I like it when a book makes me think of ways to incorporate new ideas into my life.Sarah's book didn't disappoint.I did find her website and blog.She has a talks a little bit about foods in season.So here is the link The Locavore .


  1. We are SO going to Razzel Dazzel Do!!!!!!!! I am booking that day off today!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like an eye opening book. We've been using our local CSA here in Florida, not working for us. Way too many greens at one time and not much else. But we have a wonderful Saturday Farmer's Market where we pick the CSA up and I think It's better for us to just use that weekely to choose which produce we need. I think CSA's in other states may have better selections? I'm on a trek to learn about Indian cooking this year, as well as always adding more veggie friendly eating to our repertoire. Oh, and I LOVE the idea of making homemade pizza, wine and take home bread sounds amazing!

  3. Maura we are so going to The RD do this year!!

    Hi Tanya!!! So glad your over here.I LOVE YOUR BLOG.You pictures are so amazing!!You really inspired me to do my own.Florida..sigh..green and sunny.How lovely!!I am looking into the CSA boxes in our area.I am in Northren BC so selection might be limited right now.I am really looking forward to our farmers market this year.I am hoping to go this Saturday.Indian cooking would be fantastic to learn..it scares me.It might be a great reason to learn.The wine and being outside reminds me of your adventure in california with your freinds.It looked like so much fun!! Thanks for coming by Tanya!!

  4. I am very in for the baking day at Red Rooster!!!! I went on their website and it sounds so amazing!!!! Let's do it!

  5. Okay sounds good..my mom is too,I think JJ is too.Cool!!!!!!!!!!!