Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Concerns and solutions

With me reading and digesting so much information over the past few weeks I have some growing concerns.

Being to pushy?
I have so much fun,interesting and ugly information right now.How much do I share?What do I share?Will it make people uncomfortable?Reading "The China Study" has made me want to share more information and plant based foods with my husband and son.I did bring this up and John has been open and supportive.But when does it become annoying?(I am SURE he will share that with Last night he wanted to know where he could find the veg foods in the store-it surprised and delighted me.The more I read the more I want us to be strong and healthy in our later years together and this made me happy.So I will share and I guess if YOU want to know more YOU will go there yourself.

Will I get dinner invites?
  This is a big freaky situation...Seriously,I get some amazing dinners from friends and family.But, will this freak them out? Will it challenge people? Will it push me to do better at finding something I can bring to dinners,lunches and breakfasts.I 'll keep you posted.

Can I communicate my goals without getting flustered?
  When I get challenged I can't think of all the great things I am learning.I know alot but, can I speak it intelligently without drawing a blank.Like the questions I get...will I get enough protein?What kinds of food am I eating?Why..vegan?Good questions and I have great answers.But, when someone is challenging me can I articulate that?I guess I will find out.

Can I make a difference?
 I sure hope so.I have a five year old.I want him to be healthy and have a great environment,the way we are eating now is not sustainable.I do think as a mom I have to make some choices now to make him strong and so he can make great choices for himself.I want to make conscious choices about where and how his food is produced and where it comes from.I don't think factory farming and filling our meats with hormones is a good decision on ANY level.I think we have to demand changes.Processed foods are so far removed from any real foods-I want better foods!I talk to friends and family and we want changes to our food industry-so lets start voting with our wallets and demanding some changes.I know I am!

Real foods are going to get more expensive!
  Really!! "What the What"as Tina Fey's character from 30 Rock would say.I have been complaining and talking and most of us are saying the same things.Groceries are expensive.And now it's going to get worse?Oh boy! So maybe coming up with ideas and sharing with each other what is working.Menu planning,cooking ahead,seasonally cooking and leftovers.I think this something we are all concerned about.Cost of living is going up but not our wages.I know I need to look at making changes. I can share what I am learning too!!

I am learning that I WANT to share and this is why I started this blog.So happy reading and I hope I haven't scared you away!!

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  1. Loved this post!! So you!!! I applaud what you are may never be for me...but that's what makes you-you and me-me. I am encouraged and challenged by you, can't wait to have you over for dinner so I can try cooking something completely new! In the meantime, keep sharing the info, the experiences and the wealth! Love ya!