Friday, March 4, 2011

What is my advegture?

  Well this January one resolution I had- to eat more veggies.I decided that would be healthier and smarter.For me this kinda thing always leads me to the library.So I took out some fabulous books.I wanted to research the best diet for your heart.As heart attacks run in my family, my Grandpa at 50 and my mom at 49.This is always a worry in my head and now it's time to do something.So vegetarian/vegan was what all the books told me.I did know this but,was never ready to give up meat and cheese.No way!But, a funny thing happened along with my research..I got educated.

   I just happened upon Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet.Which I read in one day.I found the information informative and very well researched.The thing is I knew the information before but,I never really thought about it.I think you can push anything aside if you don't really want to look at something.This book just clicked for me and sent me looking for more information.

   A plant based diet can do so much for us reverse heart disease(Dr Dean Ornish),gentle and continuing weight loss,helps people with diabetes lower their blood sugars,helps re balance hormones,helps with headaches and joint pain.I think it is a wise way to look at food. It makes you think about foods that will nourish your body

  So I have had no red meat and very limited dairy since January 12th.Then February 14th I've had no red meat,chicken,turkey,3 eggs and very limited dairy(no cheese,no milk and no ice cream).I have lost 7 pounds and 10 inches so far.I feel fantastic and have not missed a thing.

   What I plan on sharing in this blog is books I've read,shows I have watched,something new I've tried and information from blogs and other sites.I will have challenges my son and husband still want there meat and dairy.I hope to make some great veggie meals they will enjoy as well.Some information you may not be interested in but, something I feel compelled to share.This is my adventure and you may get nothing from it or maybe you want to participate in... Meatless Mondays perhaps?One step at a time.Be kind to yourself.


  1. Hi Tanya:
    I am excited to follow you through your Advegture. Since we have the same family heart disease is also always on my mind. My Dad, your uncle, was also quite young when he started having heart problems and I need to make changes now. Let us know how all fits into feeding your family.

    Love you!!

  2. Congrats on starting your very own blog!! It's definitely a form of encouragement for yourself and others :)

  3. Tanya, if anyone can make a life change, it's you! You are incredibly inspiring and I can't wait to read about your triumphs and challenges along your journey. Much love and encouragement.

  4. Chantal,It's something our family will have to think about and make some changes.It's good to be aware.Glad your following.Love ya!
    Thanks LovesVeggies I checked out your blog too.We have alot of the same interests.I LOVED all the veggie recipes you have!
    Mary,you are sweetheart.Love right back at you!!

  5. Well as I hit the big 40 this year I decided I really needed to make some changes as well. I went out this morning and bought the book. I will be purging my kitchen this week to my kids dismay (for now) and introducing them to this. They are still young enough for this to have a great impact on their lives. I'll be following you closely and sharing things that I find. Take care all!

  6. Renee that is so funny..I seen your Facebook.Your daughter said she is going to die without meat.That's too funny.The Kind Life forum has lots of hints for families.I imagine changing a teen is going to be tough.Share and let us know of anything helpful.I just started The China should get it from the library.Yikes! Food is the answer!