Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eating veg is so beautiful and full of life!

  So what do I eat?

  Well I can show you today...I took some pictures.
So this is breakfast...does it look weird?That's because it's the ingredients for my morning shake, I put them on a plate for a picture this morning.Starting at the bottom- 1Tbsp of gorgeous ground flax seeds( I grind them in the coffee grinder every couple of days and store them in the freezer) 1 scoop of protein powder( Last payday I replaced my Whey Protein with Genuine Health Vegan proteins,pricey but I like it.I think it will last me a month.I have a shake every morning and John and Josh have them with me sometimes.)1/2 a banana(I am always able to freeze some as they start to turn.I like them a little sweeter when they go brown)1/2 a cup of spinach( I just started adding this and you don't even notice it-seriously!)the best fruit ever...frozen blueberries usually I do about 3/4 of a cup.All these ingredients go for a spin in the blender with water(the water goes over the ingredients).Super yummy and it keeps me filled up to lunch.
 And my leftover Red Lentil Stew for lunch from the other night.
   Then this was was FANTASTIC!!! This was ANOTHER successful recipe from The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.( I am SO getting her baking book )Her dish is the one on the right...Sauteed Broccoli Rabe with olives and toasted pine nuts-pg 135.This was excellent! The only thing I have to do differently is steam the broccoli rabe for less time.Prepping and cutting still takes me a bit longer.So it steamed a bit to long...but it was SO flavourful.
  My mushrooms were crying to be eating so I did 1 tsp of olive oil,chopped 1 shallot(I sauteed for about 3 minutes until they went clear..I have learned that this is a good saute look for them),about 10 mushrooms(sauteed with shallots for a further 5 minutes).I then added....2 tbsp of red wine(I was thinking of my friend Erin when I made these) and 1 clove of minced garlic and let that simmer until wine was reduced. I added a glass of wine to my dinner and oh very delicious!!!

   My glasses and plates were filled with colour and life today.They were all filling and helped with cravings.So a 85% Vegan day.I had wine which I learned has animal by products in the finishing stages (thank you JL goes Vegan!!a red wine lover herself).So I will be searching for some great Vegan wines in our town.I am sure they are out there. I will share my wine findings when I am able to do some foot work.Without Josh- who thinks Liquor stores are Wine stores thanks to me and his Aunty Maura.That's my boy:)

My greatest struggle so far....Timmy's large dble dble's.I have them at work and they have cream.This is my main battle and I figure that is not to shabby.


  1. Pretty amazing girl!! I am so impressed. Pics look great!!! By the way, have to get the recipe for the Lentil stew. I loved it!!! Was so-o-o-o tasty!!
    <3 <3

  2. good for you on the smoothies! they are so nutritious and delicious. Keep adding more and more greens until you build up your tolerance and switch to green smoothies! They are by far the BEST! :)

  3. I love the shot of the smoothie ingredients! I just started freezing bananas myself and looooooove them in smoothies.

    I still have slips (though not usually on purpose). Like the other day, my husband gave me a lavosh cracker to eat. I didn't think about it until I happened to see the back of the bag later on and saw that they contain milk LOL whoops.


  4. Thanks Maura I will bring it over and you can copy it.
    LovesVeggies,I too love smoothies in the morning.The spinach suprised me I thought you would be able to taste it.It's another great way to get more veggies.
    Jes thanks I have been experimenting with the camera.I used to get images but, I don't want to tick anyone off by using something copywritten.So I thought I have a camera lets give it a whirl.
    It had been an education reading labels on things.I am giving myself some leway until I learn. I think the trick is going to be making everything

  5. I wish I liked smoothies more. All those ingredients look so good. You are having some amazing meals!