Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kickstart program on PBS

   Today on Facebook I found out Neal Baynard "Kickstart-21 day vegan program" is going to be on PBS.How cool is that! I will post the time and date.For us BC people it is next week.So I set up my PVR.(love that thing)If anyone one else wants to watch it would could post our comments on here after.Who's in?? Come on!!
  So I have been doing no meat,chicken,eggs,cheese for a month now.I still am working on the cream in my coffee and have had some baked items that I know have dairy.But,in all I am very proud of my progress.
     There have been a few "human moments"(that is what I am going to call them) First the cheese.Last week I was grating cheese for the boys.And I totally from habit stuck some in my mouth.I proceeded to spit it out.(Thank goodness John wasn't home he would have been baffled.)The dog on the other hand was very thankful.I had worked so hard up to that point and I didn't want to spoil it. It was so funny.One second in and the next second out.Nice picture I painted for everyone.
   My other human moment was quite literally standing in my kitchen not having a clue what to make for myself.I had a wonderful positive talk and decided I had to try the tofu.It was scaring me all week,I did not know what to do with So I jumped in.I drained out the water like some of the other blogs have said, and squished it with paper towels.I stir fried it with shallots(I love shallots..I always forget to buy them,they are so cute)broccoli and mushrooms.Yummy! And so simple.
   Last night I made pasta with a tomato sauce.In the tomato sauce I put olives,garlic,sundried tomatoes and RED LENTILS.Yes.. I did it with red lentils.John looked at it and asked me if it was "special recipe" and I said "yes,you said you would try".He didn't complain and he took some for lunch.I am guessing it was okay.I really liked it.
   Everything is going great and it's just about time to GROCERY shop again.Yikes!So I have started my shopping list and I am going to need a menu plan.I love reading other blogs about being vegan and I came across Stephanie's it's talks alot about her new adventure but,I really like that she talks about her food budget.
  I am getting tired of winter and I am looking forward to spring.I have been walking alot more again.I just can't wait for green I miss it and flowers.Sigh!!

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