Thursday, March 31, 2011

Martha Stewart does Vegan

   I had heard that Martha Stewart was having a show on being Vegan.We don't have Hallmark so I thought I would take a chance and see if the episode was going to be on the website.Sure enough  parts of the episode are on there.
  She had Twitter founder Biz Stone who I thought was quite charming.They made Seitan Bourguignon.I have not made anything thing with Seitan, a wheat protein~ yet.But I will be making this recipe next payday.I mean it has wine in it for goodness sakes so you know it's going to be think this was my favorite part of the episode.
  She then made Vegan snack bars with Kathy Freston.I have seen Kathy on a few different shows so to me it seemed like I was hearing the same things.But I will be making the bars.Great snack for after walking.
   She also did a short interview with Gene Baur the co founder and president of The Farm Sanctuary.He was fabulous.I found him and  Martha very informative but not in your face about factory farms.They made their point but did it in a positive way so people could have some information on how they can help and make changes.
   Overall as a new veggie I thought it was really wonderful and the recipes they used all looked really yummy.The bad thing ~I now have to add another book to my list.Gene Baur's-Farm sounds like it has some great stories in it.I think Martha was inquisitive and had a good banter with everyone I am glad I got to see the show.


  1. Oh yeah, I totally want to read his book, too! Maybe this summer...I have several in that same kind of topic lined up already :)

    I loved the show (minus the honey, whatev). At least Martha talked about animal welfare. That's been the missing component in the other recent vegan-themed shows.

  2. Hi Jes!! I am looking forward to the book.I have far too many on the go right now though..I have to hold