Monday, March 7, 2011

April 4th deadline..go vegan!

  So on April 4th I am joining a 21 day vegan kickstart program.It is free and is put on by The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.You can check out the website if you are interested.I figure that gives me a month to start prepping the pantry and getting to know some of the different ingredients I will need.The website is really interesting and they have over 1,000 vegan recipes.And they have advice from some of my favorite people..Alicia Silverstone,Bob Harper(love him!!!!),Kris Carr(Crazy Sexy Cancer series of books...fabulous woman),Dr Barnard,Dr Campbell,Dr Ornish,Kathy Freston(her book is fantastic..The Veganist)and many others.I'm pretty excited!!

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