Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Travelling Tuesday

   So every Tuesday I am going to link to blogs which had posts that I loved that week or something that I just HAD to share. So I'm calling it Travelling Tuesday. Let's travel the web together.

  John asked me this week "what is the difference between fresh lemon juice vs Plastic bottle lemon juice."I'll be honest I panicked. I really had no idea.I couldn't even pull one thing out of my head. Speechless!! This does not happen often. Then low and behold I go to Joyous health and look what she has~ the answer.Yipee!!

   My friend Erin gave me a fabulous free website called Pepperplate! You must check this out. If you are on blogs as much as I am and can't remember where you seen that recipe...this is the place for you!!! You can import and edit recipes.Add your own. Plan meals!! Create shopping list and monitor cooking times. And     you can get the FREE app.LOVE IT!!

  I always love peeking in other Vegan pantries.I am a pantry stalker ..I think I'm really just jealous because I don't have one.So sad!! Okay~ moving on...at Oh she glows she gives a great list and she just has such  beautiful pictures..sigh..so pretty. It's a great post.

  At Healthy Happy Life Kathy has a recipe I want to try when I buy Chia seeds this week. Wild Blueberry Chia Oatmeal. The picture for this made me want to lick the screen.She also had the most colorful easter smoothie, Josh would love it because it looks so beautiful.

   The gorgeous Spork Sisters have there new class available this month.7.95 for a month. The price of a magazine and you can watch them make Vegan meals. The hardest part of making changes is knowing how to cook some of these strange new ingredients.These girls make it easy and fun!! This month it's crispy spinach lentil cakes,savory sun-dried tomato waffles, spicy bakes cauliflower, and peanut butter brandy pound cake.Outstanding!! Now~ I just have to make them myself. You do keep the episodes and can go back to view the others.And the sisters are just so cute!!

  The last one was a post I couldn't help but love and laugh at.My running story:Why I refuse to run and you can't make me. It was a blast!! Read this post at Peas and Thank you. It was fun!!

Tough Love Bob
     On a sad note.My post at The Eat Clean blog has been postponed. I had read this weekend that my favorite magazine publisher Robert Kennedy is dying of terminal lung cancer. I was shocked and deeply saddened for this amazing man who I think of as "Tough Love Bob" because of his honest editors page in Oxygen magazine.I have laughed so much at his mans words in a" womans magazine" because he ruffled so many feathers. But the thing is he just writes from the heart. He was and is concerned for the health of women.He also hates excuses and he would always write " just get off the couch".I think the fitness industry will feel a huge loss. I know I will. I feel a great sadness for someone I never met but feel a great respect for. I will put him and his amazing family in my prayers and I hope you could do the same.

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