Thursday, April 19, 2012

Look what came!!!

  Look what came my Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook. I was so excited!!! John picked me up from work and the package was on the seat. I was so pumped. It's so gorgeous!!! The photos are beautiful... I love a cookbook with photos. This book is for everyone adding just a vegetarian meal or Vegan's. She includes fish and eggs, but all the recipes can be modified.

  From Tosca's introduction "Not all protein needs to come from animals.In fact, it's more healthful, beneficial and wallet friendly to limit your intake of meat and stick to a mainly plant based diet."

  I have already picked some of my meals to try. I can't wait to share. I am so excited to try to make the "Yogurt Cheese" with soy or coconut yogurt. I'll be honest~ I just have to pick some recipes. I want to try them all Smoothie on the Beach, Delightful Strawberry,Spinach and Broccoli Salad with Macadamia nuts and Greek Tempeh Stuffed peppers these are where I am going to start.

  If you are thinking about trying to eat more Vegetarian meals pick up this lovely book. You won't be disappointed.With well over 250 recipes and even some help with the holidays it is worth adding to my growing library.

  Thank You Tosca and the EatClean team for choosing me. I am honored to share tosca's new book!!!

  So this week I kicked it into high gear. Walking every day (some days I am going to try to go twice a day) and the weight training for the upper body until my hip is better.Back to tracking points and watching what I eat. I am switching to Stevia in my coffee. I am continuing my stretches and I am going to tweak my motivation board. I am going for a minimum of three new recipes a week. Moving forward!!! Do you have a motivation board? If so what's on yours?


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