Sunday, April 22, 2012

Notice the moments

   This past year I have been trying to stay in the moment. The little ones, the ones that go by and we don't stay in that moment because it seems little. In our culture I find it's all about the big moments. The trips, the products and the events. I found I focused on those so much that I was missing the moments happening right now!! So I have been taking the time. ..enjoying the sun on my face during a walk, the funny things Josh says or impromptu dinners. These little thing give us those feel good endorphins. Notice those moments.. your life will be better, your body will feel better and it's good for our health.Let stop staying more and start saying I enjoy what I have!!!

  When you read this take the time TODAY to notice three great things about your life...what makes you laugh, what do you LOVE, what gives you pleasure.Lets start noticing the small moments and we will feel better for it!!

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