Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meet 50!

    So in this post I want to introduce you to a woman who has inspired me.Now her journey began at 40...yep 40.The picture you see below on the left hand side is Tosca before.The picture on the right is Tosca now...ladies take note she is now in her 50's !! I wanted to write this post so maybe you will check her out. I am doing a guest post on her blog May 14th.This post is personal and not connected to that post. I want you guys to know about this women because she is inspiring and I think that by knowing her story you might feel inspired to Eat Clean and lift some weights.

  So Tosca was unhappy, overweight and miserable.She wanted to make her life better so she entered...the gym. Now I know from reading her story she began running on the treadmill. Then when she introduced weights she found her body changing.She wanted to share the information she had learned and began the "Raise the Bar" column in Oxygen magazine.I loved her from the moment I read her first column. I still collect her columns in my binder.What I love about the column is Tosca continues to share struggles and challenges.She rants... some of my favorites. She also is passionate about making changes for women, kids and getting people to eat better. I think the columns I have really loved through the years is when she has been critiqued and  people have said negative things about her and she has handled it with grace. She stayed positive, stated the facts and didn't let it bring her down.Classy!!

   Tosca's journey led her into the Eat Clean Diet series.  They all have fantastic information.My favorite is Your Best Body Now. This one speaks to me as I am in my forties and has the information going into your fifties.

     I was reading Oxygen magazine and I was so excited to see that she was bringing out the new Vegetarian Cookbook. I seen last month on her blog she was looking for guest bloggers and you would get the cookbook early~ for free!!!!! I thought I am going to take a chance.Well to my shock I was picked .I had my moments of self mind saying "your not good enough". Then I pulled back and thought I am going to enjoy the moment and damn Tosca's sending ME a cookbook. I can't wait to share what I think and share the new book with all of you.

   So I have decided to let Tosca be my inspiration to remove these pesky thirty pounds .I am going to  really clean up my diet this year. Eat smaller meals more often and really watch my beverages.

      I have more appointments for my hip flexor injury this week. My xrays came back great but hearing that this type of injury can plague me for years is kind of overwhelming. I am meeting a new physiotherapist this week and she sounds really great. We are going to work on things I can do. Hopefully work on things I want to do this summer.Like I know there are things I could be doing. Yoga keep me flexible. More weight training for the upper body.
I love this photo look at those arms.

     There are a few ways Tosca can inspire your journey.  If you want to check Tosca out, I have The Eat Clean Badge on the right of this post. Click it and it will take you to the Eat Clean Diet website.

    The Oxygen magazine...I know the women can be intimidating on the front but it has great articles on eating, working out (at home and the gym)  Tosca's column and one of my favorite sections the success stories.

    Check out her books and cookbooks she had one for the family, men and workouts.

    I was not asked to do this post in order to do the guest post. As you know I like to share things I LOVE and Tosca is a women I think you should get to know. It is important to have wonderful role models who only get better with age. And Tosca is defying age!!!!

    I thought I would include Tosca doing her 7 Citrus Salad from the cookbook. All this month they are doing videos from the cookbook. She has other videos to check out too. So I will post here when my guest post goes up. Until then check out Tosca and her Eat Clean Diet website. The Kitchen table has some amazing recipes and real people sharing their results. Check her out for some great advise and inspiration.ENJOY!!!

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  1. Excellent post!!! Going to check out her website! Love ya