Sunday, April 1, 2012


Josh and I made Chocolate covered Strawberries with vegan chocolate chips.I am going to do a post this week about them.
This is the Edamame Hummus. My friend Maura said her source was Skinnytaste blog.This was so yummy!!
My friend Gabi made this raw "cheesecake" made with macadamia nuts and orange. It was so very delicious.
   So last night I had some of my girlfriends over. We ordered East Indian food (Dana Mandi in Prince George) This was the second time eating the food from Dana Mandi.It was so amazing and all vegetarian.I have to order more often. We enjoyed each others company and went all candles for earth hour. We laughed at Josh's prompts to make sure this happened at 8:30. This was a much needed visit. Our lives get so busy that we don't get to see each other as much as we want or need to.

   It is funny how life has a way of bringing things into our lives when we open ourselves up.And I don't mean things...I mean inspiration,quotes, peoples stories and books.I had a wonderful evening last night and this morning heard a quote from Oprah "We are at different stages on the same journey." This struck me as the best way to describe last night.One friend is a long time vegetarian, another is vegan, another is implementing aspects of vegetarianism and one has been doing a raw diet for two years.Now we are all very different and the journey we take is very personal.It is fun to talk to my friends and learn something new and then try it in my life.

   Now when we get together we talk ideas and learn from each other. For me sometimes it can be one thing or several. Marci introduced us to TED speaker Brene Brown.I had never heard of her but I loved what this women had to say. Gabi brought my first raw "cheesecake" to enjoy. Maura brought a new recipe` Edamame hummus and it was so good. Every person took the time to do or share something, a wonderful card(Anita) and sharing inspiration. That is what friendship should be~ inspiring each other to be ourselves and making us feel good about who we are.We spend so much time trying to be what we think others want us to be and what marketers would love us to be. We should just be happy with who we are because REALLY we can't be anyone else.So when you're with your friends admire who they are and tell them you love them.  Be thankful for these friendships.In today's world of negative let's give back the positive.

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