Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter goodness

So I finally decided to try a non dairy yogurt. I missed yogurt:( So I tried So Delicios Coconut Milk.So yummy!! The only thing is it is a small container and the price. That is the thing with plant based products they can be pricey.

So my new yogurt, strawberries and yummy hemp seeds.

So this was one of my Easter dishes at my parents house.  I made Mongolian BBQ Seitan from Chloe's Kitchen Cookbook. ( I couldn't find seitan in the grocery store so I bought a chicken replacement. I thought the flavors were great.I thought from the picture in the cookbook it would be a bit more saucy. But I would make this again.

This recipe was from a Vegetarian special called Quick & Healthy 30 minute meals.This was the Rice Noodle bowl with Broccoli and Bell Pepper. I really liked this one. I would do different noodles next time.These were the one I had in the house.

This was Easter breakfast and it was perfect. Josh loves these muffins and I make them all the time. I make them with Vegan chocolate chips too for his friends. They will go through 10 in one sitting.These are the Blueberry Streusel Muffins from Peas and Thank You cookbook.So my muffins, my yogurt and coffee. PERFECT!!

 This was my second Easter eating Plant based and it was less scary this time.I love Easter it is more laid back and the perfect opportunity to catch up with family.This is Josh's FAVORITE holiday. The egg hunt are the bomb.I could hide his Christmas gifts .... he would love it. Maybe next


  1. Oh my God! n I want to be there when you hide his Christmas presents!!!!

  2. I got a recipe for seitan, as soon as I try it I'll let you know how it turns out .