Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some of my favorite things

  Look out Oprah here I come!!!( If you could hear right now~ their would be evil laughter).So I promised in my previous post to share some fun and interesting finds from the past few weeks.

                         It was fast (but cooked a bit slower so the whole thing heats right through...see I'm learning) I liked the taste and I just had it with some rice.These meals are great in a pinch.

  Now these are dangerous.My sister said to try them.These are super delicious!!! I have to portion them or I could get carried away...okay I did get carried away.So next time I won't bring the whole bag with me.
  This was such a great pizza.The caramelized onion.Super good!!
  Basil..oh how I love thee!!! This little beauty has been in alot of recipes lately and I am in love!!!
 This was worth the $7.00 I paid.I would never have known that this was not dairy.It's tiny and mighty!!!

 Cinnamon-I have just added this to my shakes.I learned from hol-fit blog that 1 tsp of this beauty adds 1.4 grams of fibre and iron and calcium.(I KNOW-CRAZY!!) It's an amazing antioxidant and keeps the blood sugars under control.On hol-fit blog she also taught me the fire hydrant push up.Wow- it's effective.She has a great blog and lots of information.

I am going to end with -hopefully-attaching a YouTube presentation of Colleen Patrick-Goudrue making bacon tempeh.I thought it was great and I will be making that soon.
  So these are just a few things that I have recently added to my life.I have enjoyed them! I was really glad to find a ice cream replacement it was one of the few dairy product I was really missing.I am learning with so many blogs out there that people really want to share.So seek out the information and someone will let you know what they think or what their experience has been.
  In one week I have been eating darn close to Vegan for 3 months.So next week I am going to post my "How it's going so far".I am so excited!!


  1. Next you need to re-discover...Cilantro!!!!!!
    Love ya

  2. Thanks Stephanie!!!

    Maura..cilantro will get another try:)