Friday, April 15, 2011

3 month results!!

  And here it is the post we all have been waiting for (okay me).My 3 month results.I was REALLY nervous.I kept thinking what if the results are going to be depressing!!Scales can control my entire day..if I feel good or bad. I had to think that weight loss was NEVER the reason I wanted to do this( I was hoping though).So this post is going to be about numbers, how I feel and where I am going.

So first the numbers:
    My weight is down 11 pounds.It has been this for about 4 weeks.I have plateaued so I did make the decision that I HAVE to be more consistent in my workouts.

   I ALWAYS measure in inches because the scale may not move but,your body mass still will.I am a firm believer in this. So I really struggled what to share-but you all have been there for the journey so far.So what the heck. .I think waist measurements were my biggest mover.Okay I measured my waist in three different spots...smallest part of the waist was 35 now 31.5  ( -3.5)at my belly button was  39 and now 34.5 (-4.5) at my c-section scar was 40.5 now 39 (-1.5) hips was 45  now 43.75  (-1.25)

I was really happy with my numbers I do have some work to do but, the focus was changing the food the past three months.

So blood pressure.This is the one that made me wake up.I had high blood pressure in my pregnancy so the odds were very high that it would always haunt me.Add the genes into that equation and I couldn't bury my head in the sand any longer.I have heard this saying alot recently "Genes are the gun but, food is the trigger". I knew from my research that I could make the blood pressure go down with food alone.My blood pressure in January when I knew that it wouldn't get better without changing something was  132/87 -not super high but it had stayed consistently there for a while.And this was a worry.This morning I did it and it was......................115/78 how crazy is that??? Frigin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping for the normal 120/80.Never thinking that it would be below 120.Fantastic!!!This has made me one happy lady.( and just to note when I was at my healthiest is was always 120/80..never this awesome)

  So how do I feel....
AWAKE...I can't even tell everyone how tired and blah I felt before doing this.I feel energetic and I want to do things.Not lay on the couch or feel like I am pulling a freight train at three o'clock in the afternoon.I knew a plant based diet would suit me.I just never thought that I would feel so good.I WANT to get up in the morning I don't feel like crying when Josh gets up at 6.Seriously~ I would read that people would feel better and I would think how can that be?Now I know!!
    I have less highs and lows.There have been times of stress or anger.But to be honest I don't feel as weepy and angry. I feel stronger!!
    One thing I DON"T feel..deprived.I honestly thought this would be WAY harder. Giving up what has been on my plate at EVERY meal !! I thought that giving it up would be so difficult.On any diet in the past I have always missed something.Like it was a sacrifice and I would want it for my cheat meal.Then I would just end up eating it again.It totally blows me away that "I DON"T MISS ANIMAL PROTEINS!"

So where do I go from here.... I am a big believer in goals.I think the mind can accomplish so much.And I can be honest and feel confident when I say " I know this is only going to get better!!"
  I found this cute little summer L.L Bean dress for 10.00 at the Hospice House resale store last week.It's an eight.That is my next 3 month goal.For those that know me I carry my weight in the hips and thighs.I need to lose 4 inches off my hips.That is going to require consistency and some hard work on my part.Lots of walking and considering my hip flexor injury last year where I couldn't even walk a block last spring.I am going to enjoy being outside and not take for granted that I am so blessed I can get outside.Lots of walking lunges-yikes- and legs workouts.
   Continue trying new recipes and different cultural foods.I am loving trying new things and for the first time I want to try even if it doesn't turn out.I want to do some baking.I have some recipes lined up.
   Get even better with fruits and veggies.Right now I am consuming at least a minimum of eight a day.Now considering a few months ago I would have thought "Did I consume any today at all?" That is spectacular!!
    The next 3 months I will go to the doctors and have my B12 and iron levels checked.I also will share my cholesterol levels. I don't have one now but I want to know where they are.
  Get my grocery bills down.Continue to plan and get better at not storing so much.Buy more frequently.This is going to be hard for me as I shop for 2 weeks.But, I need more fresh items.So this will be an experiment.

 So this has been remarkable for me and I will continue on this path.I hope to get my guys eating more plant based foods.Honestly though I had to get me on board first and this will trickle down to them.I hope you will be inspired to try something new or check out a blog.Before I started this I was not willing to change.I am feeling like a new person and for the first time in a long time I feel like I can make changes and not falter.I think anyone can make these changes and I NEVER would have thought it was possible.Now I KNOW it is!!!


  1. You inspire and motivate those around you every day. So happy for you! Love ya

  2. Congrats!!!! Happy 3-month vegiversary!! I wish I was motivated enough myself to get my butt into gear and exercise more than I do :)

  3. Thanks Maura! and you are fully involved in this as you are my walking partner:)

    Jes vegiversary... too funny!!thanks!

  4. You doing great Tanya, really amazing. Isn't it so astonishing how much energy you have. For your work out try listening to something really fun. I found out that "Footloose "gets me going like crazy.

  5. Yay Tanya I'm so so SOOOO happy for you! Your results sound amazing and it goes to show you how beneficial a plant-based diet can be for our bodies! Keep up the good work lady!

  6. Gabi Footloose,that's awesome I'm already signing it in my head!!!

    Lovesveggies thanks:)

  7. Congrats on the great results!! I know for me it has made a huge differance as well. I have never felt so good!! I can't wait to hear about you reaching your LL Bean dress goal :)