Saturday, April 30, 2011

Be gentle

   That's what I have to tell myself gentle.In my thoughts and words to myself.One of my resolutions this year was to go slower and give baby steps the respect they deserve.After doing Physio on my hip most of last year, I learned that the body makes remarkable progress with gentleness and kindness.I came from a place last year of not being able to make even simple movements with my hip joint.The progress I made was slow but it was made with gentle kind moves.That is a contradiction~ I think ~to the way we live our lives now.I know with mine.I want things to happen now!! I had been doing great with my journey up until two weeks ago when I started thinking this isn't enough."I want more weight loss,I should be able to give up cream in my coffee, I think I should run, I think that I am not doing enough."
  That's exhausting and self defeating.We are our own worst critics.I read in a blog that she gives her crazy critical voice in her head a persona.I thought that was a fantastic idea.A way of saying stop and shaking those pessimistic and unhelpful thoughts the boot.Mine is "The Hulk".Because some days it rears it's ugly head and I feel like a different person on the inside.So I will use this to turn off the behavior.Address that I am behaving like "The Hulk" and tone down my inner green.
 So yesterday after an exhausting night of not sleeping( pretty much the whole week).Josh has been sick.I just really thought "be Gentle".Yes I would love to run and get really busy on the weights to lose more weight.But my hip is screaming at me too slow down.It's time to listen.Stretching has helped immensely.So one of my favorite things to do is Yoga.But, I haven't been consistent.So last night the computer room got a clean up.I brought my mat upstairs and brought my DVDs out.I did a wonderful evening workout and my tension was better.I felt stronger and my hips thanked me for it.So I think it's time to listen to the small voice in my head going " slow down and enjoy the journey."I will get there but it's not, just magically going to happen.It requires faith in myself, consistency, and some thankfulness to this body of mine that gives me so much!!

The gorgeous Tara Stiles
   This is a quote from my vision board   "Your body is a gift, and you're fully responsible for it's upkeep.Instead of condemning it for what it isn't, try to accept it for what it is and reward it on a daily basis with proper food, exercise, and gratitude." Moreno

  On a lighter note I made Thai Coconut Soup last night.It was so delicious.It just put a smile on my face.I was proud and it just makes me laugh at how we limit ourselves because we "think" we can't make exotic foods.I am so over that. I have really noticed that ..this is going to sound strange...I just can't help myself ..that foods from different cultures smell alive.See told you.Seriously!! I think it's the fresh foods and just not being processed.This soup had the most amazing had this zip of lime,the creaminess of the coconut milk and the punch from the Thia seasoning.I am even beginning to really like tofu.I know awesome!! It was from the lovely talented Colleen Patrick -Goudreau.Color me Vegan on page 229.This is one of her new ones.She is showing how to add and prepare all the colors of plant based cuisine to perk up your plate.Gorgeous book and am looking forward to trying more recipes.


  1. Very well-said Tanya. I think listening to our bodies is key, especially when you are on a journey of change. If you try to speed things up too fast it can become stressful, and you might not be willing to stick it out long-term if you feel stress... does that make sense? Take things slow, work at your own pace and hold out for long-term results! Hang in there girl!! :)

  2. Amazing post my love!! (Soup looks so yummy!!!)

  3. LovesVeggies it makes complete sense...stress makes me eat crappy too.Thanks for the kind words:)
    Maura you would love the soup!!

  4. I know exactly what you mean. At first, I wanted to rush the physical therapy on my knee. I was so anxious after a year of pain for it to work right after surgery. Not a good idea! I learned my lesson and have been taking it slow, but steady. Instead of pushing past my boundaries, I've gently pressed up against them. Now, six months later, I can climb stairs with both legs and I can sit with my legs crossed with no pain whatsoever. Every time I'm in lotus position, I am so aware now of what my body is capable of if I just give it the time and care it needs. It's really changed that position for me.

  5. Stephanie it is hard sometimes to remain in an frame of mind where you are so grateful of the things that you could do before an injury.Like walking. All the sudden you feel better and want to push.It is a great reference to think back and say thanks body for letting me do this.I like your saying " Instead of pushing past my boundaries, I've gently pressed up against them." Nice.I'm glad your feeling better!!