Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh what a night!!

  So Friday I had my best friend over for a Vegan dinner.I was really nervous she is an amazing cook.The recipe I decided on was from The Vegan Table from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.It was superb.It was Tuscan White beans with Sun Dried Tomatoes on page 194 and Garlic toast made with Earth Balance butter.We HAD to have wine ...we love our wine:)

  I loved the white navy beans they were tender and perfect for the dish.The zucchini surprised was really great in this dish.What blew me away was how colourful and nutritious this dish was.Sun dried tomatoes, an onion,zucchini, many veggies and they went so well together.The spices- ground sage (rarely do I make anything with this lovely's wonderful) a hint of red pepper flakes (for that zip) and fresh basil (I adore the aroma of this will be in a pot this year on my deck)

Time to show you some pictures....
   I served it over spaghetti, in Colleen's book she suggests polenta as well.Lucky for me my friend Maura was able to talk to me about cooking polenta.I have never cooked with it myself.I have had the pleasure of eating it at one of Maura's dinner parties.So we ate our lovely meal,enjoyed alot of wine (too much...forget it... what am I saying...There can NEVER be too much wine) and talked.(What always amazes me~we never run out of things to talk about..we live next door and walk alot.But,we ALWAYS find something to talk

  That's what food is to me.That is why it is important to me to figure out how to make Vegan food work.I NEED my friends and family and food is a way to connect.I just want it to be healthy.The evening ended up being so much fun.Now those wonderful memories will always be tied to that dish.

  I have to say one of the surprising things about my advegture so far~ is cooking.I have always wanted to cook great food.But, I found myself cooking the same old,same old.This journey right now is fantastic.It is challenging me to try new things,try new recipes and just take a chance.What the heck it's new and I'm learning.
  This is Colleen's book it was 21.95 Canadian.I think so far it has been worth every penny. If I think of all the fast food I was buying...dinners and lunches at the mall.I would easily spend about 9.00 at every meal for myself.1 family meal is for sure 25.00 or more.I have been able to get dinner and several extra meals out of all the recipes I have tried so far. I am very excited to try some of these meals for Easter.Yesterday I was able to pick up The Joy of Vegan baking by Colleen at the library.I want to give some of the recipes a try.Right away I seen Mediterranean Olive bread.Holy Mama this looks so freakin good!!

So on to the next advegture!!


  1. The pictures turned out great!!!! Tanya, that meal and that evening was perfection. The wonderful conversation, genuine laughter and fun, wonderful wine and succulent delicious food stayed with me all weekend. The memories will exist always. I think I am actually going to buy her book, I was so impressed!! You are a great cook and you are discovering fabulous meals and introducing them to those of us who love you. I can't wait to see what else you got!!!!!!!! Thanks so much and we will never run out of things to talk about and share because we never run out of admiration, respect, and love!! <3 <3 <3

  2. <3 right back at ya!!! You should buy here book it is fabulous.I am making the wraps tonight!!Next we get the boys eating it with us:)

  3. I love grits and polenta! So nice when noodles and rice have worn out their welcome for the week.