Monday, April 11, 2011

My old evil enemy

  My old archenemy is back-SUGAR!! We go way back..back to my crime fighting sugar days. We have battles ALL the time...sometimes he wins.Okay- he wins ALOT!!Right now he is winning.I was putting up a good fight.I thought I was strong enough to resist his sweet whispers in my ear "just one donut"  his promises he would hurt me anymore "that sugar filled chocolate bar is going to be so good".Sugar is a big fat liar!! He's addicting..some scientists are proving more powerful than some drugs.Just one bite and he's got me!!

 So what am I going to do..put my cape back on and wonder woman his butt right back out!!!So cold turkey's the only way.Emotions are to be dealt with and handled promptly.No thinking that sugar is going to be my sidekick..he is not welcome anymore!!!

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