Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The mint made me do it!!

 It all started with a lovely mint plant at my local grocery store today.Then I found two of my FAVORITE spring plants..pansies! How could I walk away?
   I thought I would plant them inside-it's to cold for the little guys. Then I started thinking (and this is where I get into trouble) "Why not see if the local greenhouses have their herbs out." I can let them get a head start and start using them now.
     I took Josh with me and he is my herb guy.He chose two types of parsley...it always makes me laugh that he knows and LOVES parsley at 5.We ended up with rosemary,sage,oregano,thyme,flat leaf parsley and curled leaf parsley.
   My living room smells amazing and I am looking forward to a few sprigs here and there.Josh already said "Mama can I eat some parsley" and sure enough he popped some in his mouth and said"Oh this parsley is SO good". He makes me laugh!!
                       These are our babies! Freshly planted


  1. I forgot Basil!!!!!!!! I might have to go back:)

  2. haha this is too funny. A 5-year-old who like parsley!? Who knew!