Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Say "Thank You"

   I watched Oprah's tour from Toronto (I love PVR) yesterday. Wow~ did this one hit me in the heart. I took so  many notes and I can say this show was amazing. These are the things I took away from it!!

    Say Thank You!! That's it. It can change our worlds. You can't stay angry, mad or hurt if you just give some gratitude. You can't feel these negative emotions if you think positive.It's impossible!! Deepak said that living in a state of grace can heal our bodies. It opens us up.When we are constricted our bodies suffer.Open up and say Thank You.

 Finding a way to give back. I hope to teach Josh compassion and that contribution FEELS really good.   Children live through our examples. Health, fitness and what we do and say~ WE will be their biggest influences.Tony Robbins said the best message his mom every taught him~ was FEELING the gift of giving.

 Bishop TD Jake's said his mom would say to him "The world is a university and everybody is a teacher when you wake up in the morning be sure to go to school" Your mom teaching you that EVERY PERSON has something to teach you.That is a powerful message.

  I had read recently in a book The Dalai Lama asked people what the greatest challenge facing our time? His words "The greatest challenge facing our time is not weapons of mass destruction or terrorism or ethnic cleansing" he said "It is that we are raising a generation of passive bystanders." Are we teaching our children through our actions not to act on what we believe in? Actually what THEY believe in? Yes by not making time to give back, not standing up for what we believe in and by not saying thank you to those around us and the earth itself.

 Why did I write about this today? Because I felt it and by saying Thank You and being grateful and giving back you will be healthier and feel better. That's what this blog is all about.

 So say "Thank You" to someone today. So THANK YOU for reading!!

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  1. Thank YOU for writing, Thank YOU for inspiring...Thank YOU for motivating...thank YOU for appreciating..thank YOU for being grateful..thank YOU for listening..thank YOU for being my friend!!