Monday, May 21, 2012

let me introduce.. Ruth Heidrich

Photo from Ruth's Website

  I thought everyone should meet the lovely Ruth Heidrich. If your familiar with vegan books or watched Forks over Knives (if you haven't~ take the time it is eye opening) you will know the name. This photo is Ruth at 73 in 2008. She is still going strong in 2012.

  I love Ruth's story so I thought I would share her story from her website and this current article on Vegan Mainstream . Ruth was a very healthy women at 47 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She ran marathons ate really well and was in disbelief when her doctor told her she had breast cancer.

     So she fought back with the help of John McDougall's program helping her fight her cancer with a low fat vegan diet. She trained for her first Ironman after her surgery. Ruth has been Vegan for 30 years and has never looked back. She had the belief in her heart and from Dr McDougall that the change in her diet would and HAS helped fight her cancer. I love her spunk, her determination and her drive.What an amazing lady.

Two funny and lovely ladies from the HBO series "The Weight of a Nation"

  I personally believe that food plays a HUGE role in our state of health and our children's. I have been watching the HBO special " The Weight of a Nation" and it is quite scary the situation that we will all be in if we don't change. My biggest concern that our kids are the ones paying the price.I shared with John the information that the two main things that shocked me why our kids are getting so big. TV's in there rooms and the heavy marketing campaigns that the food industry is assaulting our kids with. That blew me away!!

  I am still learning and continue to be challenged everyday by the call of sugar, bad beverages and watching TV instead of getting outside. My pledge to myself and my son is that I am going to get outside every day. I will continue to add more veggies and fruit to my families daily diets. Nothing but water in his lunch kit. I am giving up coffee, pop and wine (except for a glass if we go out). I know that my weight loss is stalled by the drinks I consume. In the program from HBO they stated teenagers consume an entire meal in drinks a day. I thought lets be honest with myself .. " I do this". I have loved teas for years so in with tea and water. Yummy!!

  Is there a challenge you want to do for yourself or your family this summer?? Post in comments if you want or write them down for yourself. Lets all make this a healthier summer.

  On a fun note the countdown to my guest post on Tosca Reno blog is in 8 days. MAY 29th!!!

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  1. Darn It!!! I am the only left drinking wine????? :) :)