Friday, May 4, 2012

Ernestine ~ 75 years young

   This amazing women is Ernestine Shepherd. Isn't she in amazing shape!! She is 75 years young. She is so inspiring!!! I came across her story on another blog and I had to share.

    To my delight she has a website. So what is Ernestine's story. She didn't start her journey to health until she was 56. That's right 56 ~she made the decision to get herself in shape.(It kind of blows that excuse" I can't do it at my age" right out of the water ) Her sister started started to get in shape with her and then died suddenly from a brain aneurysm. Ernestine was devastated and stopped going to the gym until a friend said her sister would have wanted her to continue. She returned to the gym with determination to get fit.

  She started slow and built up in little steps. She now trains "mostly" senior women 5 days a week. "She lives to inspire senior women to reach their potential". I would says she has surpassed this goal because she definitely inspires this 40 year old.

  This women competes in 5K and 10K races and runs marathons.She gets up at 4:00. She strength trains 4 times a week.At 71 she competed in a bodybuilding competition.

 Ernestine offer this advice on her website

  ~ Begin slowly and get guidance from a expert personal trainer
  ~ Good nutrition is important
  ~ Has support from her husband
  ~ Gets her body the rest it needs
  ~ Have a positive attitude
  ~ Know where you want to go and what you want accomplish

"Determined- Dedicated- Disciplined To Be Fit" Ernestine's Mantra
    This is what I aspire to be!!!!!!!! What a role model!! This is healthy living!! This is treating your body with respect and she shows us that it can be done at any AGE!!

      This quote is from her website " She has a lot to teach us about thriving at any age- if we are ready and open to learn."

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