Thursday, May 17, 2012

The PLAN !!!!

 So today I took the time to plan my food for the next little while.I am going to stay very close to what the design is here. I do follow a plant based diet but, I do have the occasional eggs.I may bump up the eggs as I weight train more. This is trail and error for me I haven't done a ton of hard core workouts and followed my plant based diet. I will get more advice from my magazines, Tosca and various blogs.I can tweak along the way.

Okay so water, herb teas ( I have tons of David's Tea's) and green tea. I am going to try to get tons of lemons in the water for the liver. I have to recommend a new David's Tea Mulberry Magic. Yummy!!!


Breakfast...protein smoothie or oatmeal

Snacks.... Almond or peanut butter w whole grain crackers or celery
                 1 tbsp raw almonds
                 protein shake
                 Coconut or soy yogurt w fruit

Lunches....soups (lentil and bean) w salad
                  Salads w beans or tofu
                  Fruit 1 cup

Dinner ...tofu and bean main meals
Quinoa or brown or wild rice ( this is every two days)
2 veggies of some sort

 My plan is to eat 5 times a day and also cut out sugar. I have Tosca's new Veggie Cookbook and I plan to make meals from that as well. So it's simple and that should help.

 Workouts-  So this is the workout right now. I am working to get this hip flexor injury fixed.

Weight training 5or 6 times a week...chest, back, triceps, biceps and shoulders.I am working this on rotation. This is working fabulously I am finding myself more focused.
 Walking with running intervals. My physiotherapist...who is amazing. She is recommending running.I was shocked!! She wants me to warm up REALLY good then start shocking the muscles. Forcing them to work differently. 

 Right now no legs...but a wall squat Keri has me doing.Mama mia!!!. It not really a squat and super hard. It is forcing those buttocks to do some more work.And butt squeezes all day long.

 Abs right now it is ALL about the core. Keri has me thinking 24/7 about the pelvic wall. Pulling it in with EVERYTHING I do.Everything I do requires me thinking about my core. Kegels..  ladies I cannot tell you how important this is!!! And side planks I am getting better every day.

I am going to get rid of 40 pounds......... it's time.

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