Friday, May 25, 2012

A blog that makes me go "YEAH"

  Once in awhile you can come across someone who really inspires you. Someone that writes something that you say wow~" I love that" or okay~" light bulb moment". I recently found a blog that has done just that. Lindsay's Ramblings is a VERY fit young lady. She is strong in her faith and her biceps. She is tiny but amazingly strong. I LOVE her attitude about weights and clean eating. What I have learned from reading her blog and archives are things I am going to put into my own training. LIFT HEAVY, have one cheat meal a week and that my body will only get better with time. Pick better goals..".training goals" not weight loss.I think the thing that has really hit me is this isn't going to be a quick fix this is going to take time.This quote is from Lindsay's blog a post from June 2011.

  "Getting an amazing body is hard work. It's not something you get in month, or even 3 months, or even a year! IT TAKES TIME. A LONG TIME. It's not just something you get by changing a few little things in your diet here and there or exercising a couple of days a week, or lifting light weights.
It's a CONSTANT changing of your habits and lifestyle. It's changing your whole mindset. It never stops-you must constantly evolve and try to become better and healthier. THAT is when you will get results. When you are willing to change. When you stop trying to just get in shape quick for that trip to the beach, and you start wanting to change yourself for the better, from the inside out."

  A couple of days ago Lindsay had a fantastic post about the scale. You should check it out. If anyone can convince you to go heavy Lindsay can. I feel so inspired I have always LOVED weight training and she is making me go harder. Her words and too die for muscle has me getting downstairs and pushing out some bigger weight on my sets.
This is Lindsay and she looks this way not to compete but because she loves to lift. Love it!!! Those arms and legs..yep..that's my inspiration!!!