Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The plan

    I love The Biggest Loser. I am a huge fan of Bob Harper, Jillian Michael's is always going to be one of my favorites, even thought she is not on the show anymore.I must say thought Dolvett is not hard to watch.I love the way he trains and that smile.Yummy!!!

    Anyhow.....this season on the show it's focus is no excuses. I am loving this theme.It hit me at the right time.I always have lots of excuses but, strangely I find the time to watch TV everyday. So I came up with my day at a time.What can I do with this one day?How can I eat great and get my exercise in just for today?

   I also need a better goal.Removing (cause it's not coming back.I am not losing it find it again.I read that the other day.Loved it!! ) 30 pounds is "not good enough" as Jillian said back on the show in 2009.A contestant said she wanted to health and skinny and Jillian said "that's not good enough because when it gets hard it has to be something you can say it's worth all the hard work." So what is the hard work for ...I really need a better goal. So I am going to think about it.

   Right now my hip feels good. I am going to walk every day and I will increase the speed.Right now it's pretty slow. Squats everyday 25 + 3, upright push ups 20+ 3. The core program at least 4 times a week.I must get my core stronger to strengthen my spine and stretch the hips.I am going to have to switch to a yoga program at night.Currently the walking and core takes me about an hour.I might have to adjust this as I go along.I will see what works.

  My food is continue ( get back )  tracking on Weight Watchers.Increase my veggies. I also want an inverted pyramid....I learned this in a recent book. Most of my calories before 3 in the afternoon. I am also doing Vegetarian Times portion control challenge starting on the 15th.It's free so why not.

  Increase my water.Why is this such a challenge for me???? Interesting fact though...muscle dehydration of just 3% leads to a 10% reduction in the strength to contract and an 8% reduction of speed.And it lubricates those joints.I need to drink that water.

  Do you have a great goal?? What's your plan??

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  1. I so need a plan....when life settles down I am so doing a plan! Once again you have inspired me woman!!! <3