Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 bring it on

                                    So my health goals for 2012... they are quite simple

                                                              I will remove 30 pounds
Drinking more water
Eating more fruits and veggies
Tracking my points on Weight Watchers

Enjoying some fresh air
Become a women who "ponders" less and balances this with action
"BYOF" bring my own food.That's what my adorable food cooler John bought me last year is for.
I will never be perfect.But I will do my best.
Walk everywhere
Get my support system. My peeps.
Use my journal.My sister was the one who made me go get a new one.Thanks JJ!
Increase my fiber

                                         I will strengthen my core and hip flexor
This will be my focus because when we go on our big trip this year I want to try new things and walk lots.
I want to explore.
I need to focus on little steps to make it better.
I will go on some hikes this spring and summer

                                                   Pay attention to to the everyday
Consistency will make all the difference
It's the small details done everyday that will help make the overall changes.
Yoga helps me focus and relax. 15 minutes a day.
Taste and savor.
When I'm stressed pay special to the food I give my body.Eat high quality/Low stress foods.
I can eat what I want just eat appropriately

                                 Put all the cookbooks and magazines I have to good use

                  I will have to focus on the everyday moments and not let stress side track me.

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  1. You will do it! I can't wait to share some of those goals!!!
    I am inspired!!