Monday, January 2, 2012

What 2011 taught me

  For those of you following my blog, you know I love my goals. They work for me. I like starting out fresh for the New Year and setting some achievable and some stretch goals. In 2011 I learned alot about myself. I can push myself and I can achieve the goals I set out to get.In one months time I hit my one year anniversary of no meat,chicken or fish.( I think I am going to treat myself to a massage)This year I am going further.I am going to get healthier and lose some sugar and start controlling my fat intake.
So what did 2011 teach me:

   *That I limited my food experiences.I really never stretched myself until this past year.I tried new veggies, new cultures for inspiration and new food products.So I will stretch myself this next year.Try new recipes...some will work and some won't.That doesn't matter "Just do it."

  * That veggie are very tasty.They can be the focus of my plate.

  * Food Inc taught me the factory farming industry is a scary thing.It is also in Canada.Our food isn't coming from cute little farms anymore.It's a money making machine.

  *Forks over Knives taught me that a plant based diet is the way to go for health.It is the future.

  *Gardein makes amazing meat substitutes.

  *Earth balance is better than butter.

  *I Am is a wonderful documentary and the heart is the center of it all.

  *That I can cook and bake some pretty amazing things.

  *Soups are quite fabulous.

  *Their are alot of inspiring people who want change the world in a positive way.The Spork sisters, Alicia Silverstone, Kathy Freston, Kris Carr, Colleen Patrick Goudreau, Olivia and Hanah from the Biggest Loser and the blog world. I love reading about real people changing their lives in a positive way.

  *Cooking healthy doesn't take longer.

  * Stress is going to be my biggest battle in 2012.I must learn that food is not a helper in stress.

  *That I love the Magic Bullet.

  *I made it through Christmas with no meat,chicken or fish.I did it!!

  * That John and Josh are alot more flexible about what they eat than I thought.

 Tomorrow I am going to talk about what I want from 2012.What am I going to ask for and how am I going to get there.So Happy 2012 everyone and lets make this a healthy and happy year.

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  1. Can't wait for what this year will bring!! Love ya