Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ahh... back to yoga

  So the past 3 week... I have not done any yoga.I had been doing it at least once a day. Boy could I feel it. I couldn't get any movement from my shoulders, they were drawn together and tense.My jaw feels so tight.I felt like my body was just keeping all that tension in my muscles.So after I dropped on Josh today I got back in.

  Wonderful!!! That's how I feel. I had to post this right away.Yoga DVDs are fantastic and you can get some great beginners DVDs.My favorite personally is Rodney Yee.I like the prompts and his voice.His wife Colleen Saidman is the evening instruction and I like her too.The beautiful Tara Stiles(pictured above) from You tube is also a favorite because she believes anyone can do yoga. I like her humour as well. I had to add the recent video she did with Ryan Reynolds...cause I LOVE him.

 I will remember the feeling this morning. With my window open, the water dripping from the melting snow  and the birds tweeting outside.The slightly cool breeze that comes in with fresh, crisp air.The down time at the end when I feel like jello.And just the feeling that I'm back and this feels really good.So Namaste!!!

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