Sunday, November 27, 2011

Always exploring

  So I have been busy trying new recipes and I thought I would share some of my new favorites.The picture from the top is Chickpea burgers with Tahini sauce and are from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau new book "The 30 day Vegan Challenge" on page 164.The recipe is posted on Fat Free Vegan Kitchen if you want to check it out. I really enjoyed reading her new book and I am still in training and exploring new things to cook with.I would highly recommend this new book. It's easy to read, amazing recipes and Colleen  helps explain all the myths of being vegan. Back to these little Burger delights. They are fabulous the next day broken in half and put in a greek style wrap. For a burger no sauce 3 points.No cholesterol and 1/2 tsp of salt in the recipe.It's full of fiber and protein.Super yummy!!! Check these guys out.

  Picture two is the recipe I did last night.OMG so awesome!!!! Sweet potato and black bean enchiladas from Decembers Vegetarian Times.Sweet mother... these were so good.I changed the cheese it called for queso fresco ( I had to google that one).I wanted John to try so I just added some Mexican Cheese instead.I could have tried it with Daiya brand cheese but I'm still "leaning" .They are fabulous the next day.I had them with Tofutti Sour Cream, it was my first time trying it and I will most definitely switch my sour cream(no cholesterol) .John had it too and he really liked this recipe!! One big serving was 5 points.I will make these again and I will not be shy about sharing these with company.

 Picture 3 is a " I would highly recommend". The two new Vegetarian Times I have picked up recently have been outstanding.If you want some new veggie ideas, Holiday ideas for easy cookies or perhaps one veggie dish to try this season- buy the new December issue!!!! It is worth every penny.The healthy soup and stews is another.It is earmarked for some recipes this week.I have so many recipes I want to try I am a little overwhelmed.

  The last mouth watering find.Fatburgers..veggie burger.Who knew that these were so amazing.Clearly this will be my new burger place.This burger was just amazing!!  Go try one.

 To end on a update note I am finding Weight Watchers and being veggie no problem. ( hopefully they fix the tracker on the ipad soon) I am learning a ton and I have lost 4 pounds so far.That is with very limited physical activity.I'd say that is pretty fabulous. I did buy myself a pre Christmas gift..The new Sporks Sisters cookbook.I will have to do ALOT of cooking with all my books and magazines.I will continue to share my advegture with you and take pictures of some of the outcomes. Happy holidays everyone.Take time to slow down and enjoy friends, family and the warmth of Christmas!!

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