Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1 Year veg Anniversary

  1 whole year today.On Valentines Day.I have ate no meat, chicken and fish. I have done it with very little eggs and dairy.Holy Moly!!!!

  I still don't miss it.I feel good. I have had some stressful months. Stress and I don't deal with each other very well.Lots of sugar and moody with that consumption.( I have a better multi for that now...mom always used to say " did you take your B's".lol)

 I had my physical today.Blood sugars are great.Cholesterol is very good.(Actually better than average the doctor told me) B 12 just where it supposed to be.

 I have to take that info and move forward.I am still learning on this journey.The foods to eat. Deal with stress better.Keep an eye on the blood pressure.But I am so proud of myself and I am going to take the time to say good job Tanya.

 Moving toward...I am moving toward a new year of learning about and cooking more clean, moving more (my hip is so fabulous), weight training and learning to get my mind in a better place for weight loss with a group of great girls. I will make more changes this year ..this last year should prove I can do anything.Now just believe that and move toward. I plan to get on here more often.I needed a break but it's time to focus, learn a little more and share. Thanks for sharing this journey with me this year and lets hope we all learn to be a little healthier every year.