Saturday, February 18, 2012

5 minute Yoga?

  As you know I love Tara she is down to earth and believes everyone can do yoga.She has new videos on YouTube from Livestrong you can subscribe to.They are free and she is taking peoples questions and answering with the videos .This last one is 5 minute workout.When you just don't think you have the time, here you go.

 This come along at the perfect time.I don't have time to do a cardio,weight training and yoga session everyday. But, I do have time for pieces.Recently I was reading an article at the doctors office about exercise and it struck a cord with me."Don't expect yourself to be perfect. Do what you have time for and be happy with that." It's not in my nature to think that bits and pieces will be enough.I have decided that I just want to be fit and a fit person "MOVES".So yesterday I got in an upper body workout and later that night I got a walk in with a friend.And what was supposed to be 15 minutes ended up being 30 minutes in the fresh air talking with my best friend.Now that's healthy. So just fit in movement and enjoy what your doing!!!!

  This one is for my friend.Easy and wonderful.Love ya!!!

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