Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Prep for Plant Strong 2013

So I've spent a couple of days prepping my kitchen. My fridge is clean. The freezer is tonight. My menu plan is ready.Four new recipes, all the ingredients on my shopping list. Tomorrow is shopping and then prep day. Quinoa, brown rice and muffins I will make ahead. My Rip's lasagna is going to get made. My fruit and veggies are going to get done ahead. I will post some pictures and how it went.

I want to let you know how very helpful and amazing Engine2Extra is. Please check it out. I got a New Years Ebook today. 80 pages it is so awesome!!!

Anyways Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading!!!! Stay tuned for
More Plant Strong adVEGtures!!!!!

PS... The jar is for all the wonderful things I want to remember in 2013. How great is that idea.


  1. Your bigger jar is on it's way!!!!

  2. Yeah it needs to be bigger with all the fun to be had this year:):) thanks for thinking of me!!!