Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013 bring it on.

  For those that don't know me... I love the excitement and promise of a New Year. I love to make goals and intentions. It is something that makes the snow and the long winter months ahead that much more bearable.

    Last year I shared my goals and I would say 80% were done or followed through. So where did I go right...I made a huge breakthrough with my awesome physiotherapist this year. She is amazing!! My hip is back in action and I even danced on Christmas Day this was impossible last year. I consumed more fruits and veggies this year than ever before. I had a guest blog spot on one of my fitness heroes ~Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Blog. I was so honoured and beyond excited. I tried cross Country skiing. I went camping and did it veg style. I did some hiking this summer. I am learning to "do what I can".

  Overall I can say that 2012 was a year of  laughter, love, family and friends. I had heartbreak, breakdowns and moments of "WTF" but I am learning what to do in those moments. Those moments also brought me things I didn't know I had in me. I am STRONGER, I can deal with things myself, I ask for more and I think I love myself more this year than any other year.

  So 2013: Plant Strong, Travel, Core, Serenity

 This year is going to be Plant Strong. I am following the lifestyle that is the most disease resistant of all.  I have the tools~ the books, the recipes and support systems (friends, family and Engine 2 Extra website.) I am listening to the podcast of some of the most amazing doctors and plant friendly people on the planet...Dr Barnard, Dr Esselstyn, Dr Campbell, Dr Mcdougall, Dr Lisle (love him he makes me laugh) Rip Esselstyn and Lindsay Nixon. I am finding ways to make these lifestyle choices more my own.

  I am having a Forks over Knives Event at my house and I am going to share what this Plant Strong Lifestyle can do for others. From this I hope to make my own community of  Positive Plant Strong peeps. So Stay tuned.

 Do some traveling- Disneyland this spring, summer trip with my sister and family again and maybe something this fall.hmmm.

 Core ~ well the one of the goals that I didn't get to was 30 pounds weight loss. So I am not adding that pressure. This year it's all about the core. I have had a weak core for a long time. So I am going to build up my foundation. I have a program from a book and I am going to build up from the exercises my physiotherapist gave me.

 Serenity~ to me this year I am going to continue to work on de stressing my life. Yoga, what I eat or don't eat and how I react to certain situations or events in my life. Bring a calmness into my life that I need.

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