Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Beginnings


    So in February I will be plant based for 2 years..Valentine's Day, actually. This year I am giving a gift to my heart ~ I am going Plant Strong. So you may be asking " What is Plant Strong?" Well my friends is about eating whole living foods. I have been thinking about this step for awhile. I still eat alot of processed vegan foods and I know it's time to go further. I KNEW two years ago that giving up animal products was right for me. I haven't looked back. I am proud and I feel great. My digestive system is so healthy. I just know deep in my heart and soul that I am meant to push myself more. 

  For a couple of week now...because I LOVE to get this brain investigating first... I bought and read Engine 2 Diet. Then for my birthday I joined Engine 2 Extras site. I have access to videos, MP3 recording and recipes but most importantly I have found a very positive community. Cleaning the house I have my ipad on and I listen to what some of the top health doctors are saying. I love it.

Now for Christmas I bought myself these beautiful things you see above.I have seen Forks over Knives and it is an amazing movie. I wanted to see the extra interviews from the movie so I thought that would be great.The Rip Engine 2 Kitchen rescue was the bonus. Love him!! I had heard about Lindsay Nixon from her Happy Herbivore site for the two years I have been doing Plant based. I was just never ready for the step of no oil. I"m ready to take on this challenge.So armed with all three cookbooks I should have more than enough recipes to try.

   What lies ahead this year. I want John and Josh to eat plant strong with me and I am ready to start challenging there eating habits. WHY....lets face it. Truly the way North Americans are eating now is not helping us live better lives. I want John and Josh to be as healthy as possible in the future. Meats, dairy and oils don't make our futures brighter they just dim the light. So I am going to ask John to watch the movies with me and see if he wants to try some new things. I am having a Forks over Knives party in January with any friends and family that are interested in making some changes. I am making changes for ME. So join me on the next set of Advegtures...they will be bumpy and filled with challenges. I say "bring it on" with utter confidence. I can do this. I KNOW I can!!!

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  1. I want to come to that Party honey!!! Good for you!!! Once again I am impressed and inspired! Love ya!!