Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fork over Knives Event

  So I had my Forks over Knives Event at my house. I invited people who follow the blog so no one would feel annoyed with me for asking. It was alot of fun I played the Forks over Knives DVD and Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue. Everyone brought something plant based. Maura brought a Lentil carrot dip which was so yummy. Trisha made cupcakes that were from "Oh she Glows" blog. I made Guacamole and a refired Layered bean dip that was on the Engine 2 site.Maura has pictures I have to sneak them off her facebook. I also made Chocolate covered Strawberries with vegan chocolate chips and this time with a bit of almond milk. They were delicious.The girls said they were nervous to make something plant based but as usual the came through and everything was wonderful.

What did I love about this day. I was able to share and this journey didn't feel so lonely. We talked health, new ingredients, recipes and those dreaded carbs. I hope the girls took something away from the day. I know I did.

My next day is going to be about cooking and baking without oil. Something I thought would be hard but actually it's just a matter of trying something new. How is my new hobby(Plant based cooking and baking) for this year going? Fantastic!! It helps to have some great resources~ new cookbooks, great blogs and a really good support system at Engine 2 Extra.

The DVD we watched and the Cookbook I gave away.Erin is a lucky girl!!

Maura's Lentil and carrot dip

Trisha's cupcakes. The almond frosting on these was incredible!! I wanted to lick the top of the container for lunch the next day.But there was someone in the lunchroom with me. It would have looked weird.

So I have been trying other things to like Granola bars, Spaghetti and Bean balls and lots of different veggies. My weight continues to go down and I have so much energy. I feel  amazing!!!

Happy Herbivore granola bars. I will have to triple the recipe the boys devoured these.

Hummus, quinoa and veggies on a whole wheat wrap.Super Yummy!!

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  1. Had so much fun!!!! Can't wait for the next one my dear friend!!!!!