Thursday, January 10, 2013

A week of epiphany's

So this is Rip's Lasanga. The only thing it is missing was the gound cashews on top at the point.

Fresh veg- waiting in the fridge.

Brown rice and quinoa

The finished products. I also made a dressing.
  So I promised some pictures of the food and prep work I did the other day. Did it work out? Wonderfully I would say. I have been very sick since the prep day and all this work ahead of time saved me from crap food all week. I made whole wheat wrap with just brown rice, salsa and veggies for lunch. John even made a mac and cheese with butternut squash the other day.

  One epiphany I had this week is I think we have been brain washed to think whole foods are boring and not real foods. Honestly- think about this with me. When I was looking for lunch and I made the wrap, it was so simple. At first though I was thinking about the boxed soups, the frozen foods in my freezer, and a peanut butter sandwich. Then it hit me how about some rice and veggies. Now a few of you may go "So what!". But this had me thinking all week about what I think food is. I think between magazines, food advertising and commercials we have come to think of processed foods as food. When was the last time you thought of fruits or veggie as a snack....honestly!!! I think the food industry has us pegged. We are very busy and they want us to think they are doing us this huge favour. Also that they made it healthy for us. So I challenge you this week. Look at labels..sodium, oil and sugar content. Can you understand the ingredients? Let start putting real food into our mouths and the mouth of our kids. We deserve it!!!

 So epiphany two came this week when I was listening to a recorded interview with Susan who runs the splendid "Fat Free Vegan" blog. While being interviewed she said two things that stuck with me. When you are cooking without oil baking is going to be different. This caused me to go "okay my cookies are never going to look like cookies ever again." It is okay with me. The second thing that really struck a cord was my taste buds have changed so much. People around me may think my cooking is bland. Without the oil and salt this is true. I am hoping that I can change my boys enough that they will begin to taste thing differently too. Because I thought that sounded really lonely. She has been doing this for 8 years and she said alot of friends and family still don't understand it. So I need to get that support group base set up so I have some people around me sharing this journey, even if its just a little. I did come out of the call with that fact that I am okay with the fact that people are not going to get what I am doing. I am doing this so my journey forward is healthier and these veins of mine stay flowing and plaque free. That I can teach my son what real food is and hopefully he takes that with him.

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  1. That lasagna looks so yummy! And I agree with tastes changing. All you need is time :)