Thursday, September 22, 2011

Check in

   What a busy September and so full of change. My little man is in Grade one with full days and I have been signing him up for all his fall activities at night. Also the new fall schedule for TV has kept me busy.Yeah Biggest Loser is back.I LOVE my TV!! So I thought a check in would be appropriate and fun.

   Food- I don't miss meat.AT ALL!! I have now hit the point where I don't panic about proteins anymore.This has taken me 9 months to feel this way. If I could give one piece of advice...Be patient with yourself.This was a huge learning curve.Give yourself the time to enjoy these new foods and learn what you really like.Give new things another try every once in a while.Quinoa and Miso soup did not appeal to me at the beginning. But these new taste buds of mine really enjoy it now.With all the processed foods that I had eaten, I think it took my body a long time to heal itself and actually truly taste real food.

 Fitness- Yoga have been a game changer for me.I can now walk with full mobility of my hip joint.I truly believe Yoga changed that for me.I had been focusing on alignment and posture.My new mission is core...I KNOW with no hesitation; this is my weak point. That is my main goal this winter.
   Walking on the treadmill is a great time saver.But this time of year I LOVE to walk outside.The crisp, fresh fall air.The leaves changing colour.Oh my ..LOVE IT!!!
   Weights training has always been a love of mine I love the way your arms feel so tight after a great training session.I have have been focusing on upper body because I don't want to push the hip to the point that I go backwards.Sometimes I get carried away.And this is the year to SLOW DOWN and get healthy.
  I am so very blessed to have my best friend next door for walks. Mini therapy sessions!!! I think that is the best way to get exercise, so if you have a friend make some time and enjoy this amazing fall weather.My sister has been getting me motivated as well.She has a gym membership and we laugh when we don't want to work out.But I hear she is at the gym and I want to work out. My husband has been a workout machine as well and I think that can be a huge motivator.People around us can be so very influential on our lifestyles.So find a buddy, spouse,sister and motivate each other.

  Books and DVDs- I finally got to see Forks over Knives and it didn't disappoint.It was motivating and informative.I would highly recommend seeing it. "Everyone takes what they need from things when they need it." What I found fascinating was how on a plant based diet your veins repair themselves.I will find the exact name and talk about it in a future post.It blew me away how we CAN heal with foods.
   I have Colleen Patrick Goudreau's new book on order and I hope it is here this week.Yippee!!!It's called The 30 Day Vegan Challenge . The lovely Spork sisters have their new recipe book coming out and I will be in Edmonton so I am hoping that I can get it there and not have to order it. ( I hate waiting for a book)

 Juicing- my mom scored me the best juicer at a garage sale for 10.00.SHE ROCKS!!! It is easy to clean and small enough I can keep it out on the counter. I am trying to have one green juice a day.Yeah oxygen for my blood stream!!!

  New things I am learning-
Planning : I need to have a game plan.Recipes,easy plant based food on hand for the crazy nights (with all the activities that Josh has at night.I must be organized), lunches made the night before, making extra of certain things for leftovers (rice,beans,cut veggies)
Exercise in the morning!!!!-I just won't get to it at night.

    I'll end with sharing a recipe.Squash season is here and I really want to use these beauties this season.If you want to share a blog or recipe I would love that!!! Sometimes it's nice to hear what other people do with these nutritional powerhouses.

     One acorn Squash cut in half with seeds removed
     1/2 cup of water
     a couple pinches of sea salt
     a couple pinches of  pumpkin pie spice
     2-1 tbsp of earth balance butter
     4 tbsp of brown sugar

   Preheat broiler on high.Pour water in a microwavable casserole dish.Place acorn squash flesh side down in dish with water for 15 minutes.Careful this will be hot when removing from microwave.Transfer to baking sheet.Rub butter over flesh.Sprinkle salt and spices over the top.Sprinkle the brown sugar over sides and in the middle.Place in over for 5 minutes.You should see the sugar caramelize if not let it remain for a few more minutes. My son really liked this!!  Happy Fall everyone!!!!


  1. Can't wait to try some squash recipes!!! And we have to walk as much as possible before it snows!!!! Agh!!!! Love ya!!!!

  2. Oh man, I am SO jealous of your juicer score!! I'm DYING to buy one, just don't want to shell out $100+ for one.

  3.'s not going to snow this winter at least not until December 23rd.No way!!!!

    Jes you should look for a second hand one.It's amazing the things people give away in such amazing condition.Love it!!!