Monday, September 26, 2011

Let talk juicing

  So I wanted to talk about the benefits of juicing. I am trying to get in a "green goodness" drink a day. The cool thing is Josh loves his "special juice".(I think he likes the juicing machine.)We put in cucumber,celery and apples.Today we did pears too!! It shocked me he wanted to try it, I thought he would hate it.I didn't say a word and let him pour. We put it in my stemless wine glasses and he loved it.AWESOME!!!

  The information I am putting on this post is from one of my favorite books Crazy Sexy Diet. It is such an amazing book. If you haven't read it,  go to your local library or better yet pick it up she is so inspiring. So why juice???

  It balances your pH and gives you a direct shot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, and OXYGEN!! It helps the body repair itself. By removing the fiber (which we are getting elsewhere) we lighten the load on our digestion.Because the green vegetables are rich in chlorophyll it helps purify the blood,build red blood cells,detoxify the body and provides fast energy ( Josh doesn't need any of that.Mommy sure does though). By using more greens there will be only a slight raise in the blood sugars.I myself will be adding 1 or 2 apples or pears if Josh enjoys them. The juicing rule of thumb is a 3:1 ratio: three veggies to one piece of fruit.

  So what greens are beneficial?

     Cucumbers~ they make a great base.They are a  wonderful source of Vitamin C and are highly alkalizing and cleansing.
  Celery~ a great source of minerals(especially potassium) and B vitamins.( we are only using organic because celery is LOADED with pesticides)

  Kris Carr has a wonderful site to check out . She is an amazing and funny lady and she is worth checking out!! So if you can take some time explore her site, she has alot of health and self care information. She also shares her juicing recipes.Yeah!!

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  1. I think I need to buy a juicer!!! Sounds yummy and healthy!!!!