Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wise Sage..NOT!!

                                               "I am not a wise sage."

   I know a few of you are going to say "That's not true Tanya are SOOO wise" (I do make myself laugh).But, it's true. This blog is about personal feelings, things I am trying that work and don't, and a few things I am learning along the way.  I am learning so much at 39 and I wish I had known these things at a younger age.

   I battle with myself mentally. It's not pretty some days.I am finally learning that things take time.This was a rough week...I was tough on myself~ wanting more.It has taken me three days of pep talks with myself to get back to a place where I KNOW this is working.I feel great!! So time to Assess..what can I change?? What can I do better??

 Assess..what can I change? Drink more water.1.5 litres a day. Consistency. Every day a short walk or some weights. More veggies. I now bring a big container of veggies cut up to work.Portion control.This is going to be a big one for me. Slow down and walk away when I feel full.Pep talks.I know this is working but it takes all of my mental power not to crumble and eat crap.Eating is how I used to cope.Not anymore.Write it down.I used to write in my journal all the time.It is a great coping skill and I brought my journal out. Get those feeling on paper and move on.

  Dealing with Frustration..I did some walking lunges and my hip flexor started acting up. Bring on that whiny voice in my head."This sucks. I am never going to be able to push myself.You suck." So this involves lots of postive talks the past two days.  " I HAVE full mobility of my hip when I walk.You are not a failure, you are doing so good."This is a skill I am learning now.Dealing with an obstacle and not letting my house of card fall.I am learning that this is something to take and make it better for myself. I feel back in control today. That shows that I am growing up.That this is ongoing and it will get better.

   I have to recommend the current Whole Living magazine this month.Their is an article in there about Wisdom & Age and how women get smarter as they get older. The women they choose are VERY inspiring. It came along at the perfect time.That is how it happens sometimes.I love it.

  So a wise sage I am not but, I am learning and that is what a women's journey is all about.Liking ourselves more, enjoying the journey and hopefully passing that on to our children.


  1. Tanya, with age DOES come wisdom you just don't give yourself enough credit! If your body does not like certain types of excercise then you have to find something that your mind and body do like :) That way the desire to keep going forward is more likely to be positive. There is a difference between pain that is motivational and pain that is detrimental!

  2. I think I have to buy that Whole Living…sounds like a good read. Once again darling, very inspiring!!