Friday, June 3, 2011

Into June I go!!

 So May I didn't get on to this blog as much as I would like.So I am going to get on here this month alot more.My goals for June.
   1 My smoothies every day.Get adventurous and try some new ones.I can't think of anything better on a hot day.
  2 Continue with my yoga practice every day.The progress is small but,today for the first time I could take my legs laying flat out to a bent position with no pain.COOLNESS!!
  3 20 minute walk EVERY day.I have a new toy..a beautiful treadmill.John and I talked and it works great and I don't have to fit it in around Josh.
  4  Try my new recipes.I have a quinoa soup recipe(Thanks Bonnie!!) that I will try this week.
  5 Continue to get my meditation time longer.
  6 Salads are about to become my summer friend.
  7 Get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather.I love it that your house gets an extra room outside during the summer.

  Anyone else got some great goals for June???

1 comment:

  1. Yes...
    -walk more too....outside...whenever we can!
    -Definetley SALADS!!!
    -I have decided to try some meat free options whenever opportunity arises, you know me honey, I love my dairy but I am definelty interested in exploring some meat free, better on Weight Watchers anyway.
    -Show off my new found cleavage!! LOL.....seriously!
    -be less stressed....I am DONE with drama!!
    -spend as much time outside this summer as my schedule allows, BBQ, friends, walks, gardening, Mom, Josh and Shasta...
    -continue to try new and healthy recipes
    -oh yeah and one more thing......have fun in New York!!!
    Love ya
    Have a good day!!!!