Thursday, June 30, 2011

Travel Time


     So we are going on an a real adventure.My first journey travelling since going Veg.It's a little scary. I have had to do some investigating and come up with a plan. Without a plan I could end up hungry and make a mistake I would rather not make.( The other night I was hungry and I ordered a veggie pizza with no cheese and the boys their regulars.I was so hungry the smell hit me and all I wanted was the pizza they were having.I made myself go eat mine. I felt great not giving in but, it was hard.Because I was hungry!!!) I'm glad this happened before we are going away because it taught me I CANNOT have nothing on hand.And vacation is the one time you're hungry, not home and mistakes are easier to brush off " Oh I'm on vacation". I have come too far and I feel so good not eating meat that I will not make that mistake!! So I've been researching and I will be doing some vacation shopping.
  Vegan backpacker has some great travel ideas on her blog. She talks about iPhone apps Happy Cow and Veg Out. I will add these apps to our iPhone.She talks about the importance of having snacks on hand. Since we are at hotels all week this will be very important.I also am putting a link to hol-fit she has a great video on travelling and she has a small child.She shows what she travels with and provides some great tips.
  So I am going to bring my new backpack cooler that I scored at a garage sale.It will be easy to take and I can use it on some of our outings that we have planned.Maybe a small blanket, travel wipes,plastic spoons and forks.One of my biggest hurdles is bringing snacks I like and will eat.I have really great intentions sometimes:) So I'm off to make a list and some purchases in the next couple of days...apples,bananas,Starbucks instant coffee, hummus, veggies, crackers, nut and dried fruit bags.Some suggestions are energy bars but, I haven't tried any yet and don't want to waste my money.I am also going to our health food store where I've seen individual Vega protein powder mixes, I figure that would be a great idea.I am looking forward to the challenge of this trip.I will share ideas and challenges and a few things I've learned along the way when I get back.I am looking forward to enjoying this summer and Happy July everyone!!

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