Monday, May 30, 2011


  As you know from my blog I LOVE to read.If I had only one thing to entertain me it would have to be books.It is a great addiction.I learn so much.So I am going to share some interesting health facts that I have read recently.I liked them because they make your body and it's connection to food so much easier to understand. 

  I knew that my body has acid and alkaline needs to say healthy.But it's really confusing so I had read this recently and it just clicked with me.The reason why animal proteins are so deadly for the body, is that it turns the blood to an acid environment.This makes your blood thick and goopy.(this was not the term they used in the book~that is my visualization.)Which in turn makes it hard to get around.This affects everything.If you think all the work your body has to do to get the blood to the feet and to the head.Then you add this thickness to it~YUCK!Think of this thick blood trying to make it's way through the brain(links to Alzheimer's)the heart(heart disease),poor circulation,cancers(cancer cell thrive in an acidic environment). I thought it was an easy way to understand something really tricky.

  I recently read from John Robbins book "May all be Fed." Something that I thought was really intriguing.One long term study  found that even with as little as 75 grams of protein(less than three quarters of what the average meat eater consumes)more calcium is lost in the urine than is absorbed by the body from the diet-a negative calcium balance.We in North America have the worst bone densities.More women die from the effects of osteoporosis than from breast cancer and cervix combined.Regardless of how much calcium we take in,the MORE PROTEIN in the diet ,the more calcium we lose.You know all that Vitamin D and calcium you get from your milk..nope you pee it all out.That is why the FDA does not allow the dairy industry to promote the calcium angle anymore.INTRIGUING!!

  These are a couple of thing that were my light bulb moments recently.I have got Josh off dairy milk and on to Almond milk.He really likes it and I consider that one of my personal victories this month.When you read this take what YOU want from it,I won't preach anything to anyone unless they ask. But on my blog if I have something to say I am going to put it on here.I am going to end with a quote from one of my favorite doctors.The famous Dr Ornish.

     "It's easier to PREVENT illness than to reverse it.The real point is that these simple changes increase the joy of living.You don't have to be sick to notice the improvements when you change your diet and lifestyle.People lose weight,they feel lighter,happier,freer,more full of joy.These simple changes can be very powerful.The implications of all this go way beyond treating and preventing heart disease."


  1. That is indeed very interesting! I'm so glad you shared this. By the way, love the new header ... green smoothie ingredients? Love!

  2. Very interesting dear, you are getting so smart!!!!! Might have to try almond milk......
    oh I tried those Vegan Chili Lime chicken fingers.....YUMMYY!!!!