Friday, May 20, 2011

Well.. what the heck have I been up too?

  Yes I know it's been a long time.I have getting other parts of my life organized and if I get on here I tend to get consumed.So I thought I would share what has been going on.

1~ Getting my small condo garden going.As you know from my previous post I did plant some herbs which are just getting some volume.We just started getting warm here.I added a tumbler tomato plant,lettuces and three types of basil.I am most excited for the Thai basil.The picture above is the new gorgeous big black pot I added to my front door.(Thank you JJ for making me hunt for the perfect pot!!)I will take another picture when it fills out.
This is my balcony garden this year.I am pumped about the tomato plant.I have heard they are very hardy and they produce lots of tomato's.I even got candy cane mint...I think it will be spectacular in drinks this summer.I love it that Josh loves to get involved and he will go and pick stuff right off the balcony to eat.

2 Garage Sales~ oh yeah I am in LOVE with garage sales.People get rid of the most outrageous things and they want barely anything for them.I go with my mom and Aunt. We pile Josh in with us and we visit and have a blast.Josh will be patient for three hours now.He always gets what he is looking for, it blows us away."Mom I want Tinker Toys"...wham next garage sale sitting right on the lawn -Tinker Toys for 5 bucks. My real bargain this last Saturday.....The Magic Bullet pictured above.12 Dollars and it came with the cups and the juicer.Yesterday Josh wanted a smoothie.No problem in 2 seconds I had a blueberry smoothie for him.AWESOME!!

3.Me and Rodney Yee. Yep there is a new man in my life...the yoga man himself Mr Yee.I love his voice and he has such a great way to prompt you without me having to look up every two seconds.I have been trying to get in a yoga practice every day.Even if it's just 15 minutes.Consistency is key.I am making some great strides and I LOVE the way it makes me feel.I need the calmness.I need to bring that stillness to my thoughts and not get so wound up.I know Yoga will help me with that.

4.Worm farms and bug hunting.Yep, you read that right.Josh and I have been spending time outside.We both needed it.So this year we made a worm farm,we have been bug hunting (it's pretty cool) and making the earth healthier by cleaning up garbage in our neighbourhood.

5 Eating a Plant Based Diet- I have been doing great in the no meat,fish or chicken department.I am struggling with dairy and sugar.I have had small amounts of cheese.We have been eating out and I am having no problem with vegetarian meals but being Vegan has had some issues.So I do what I can at home and if we go out I relax.My next post will be more detailed about the past month.I passed my 4 month mark a couple of days ago!! I am super happy with my progress so far.It will only get better!!!

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