Monday, April 8, 2013

Healthy Pleasures??

  We have been back from the wonderful world Disneyland for about a week and a half. It was an amazing family trip. One we will repeat next year with us exploring California alot more. I am going to do a post about Disneyland but for today I wanted to talk about what has been going on in my life.

  So coffee is no longer a part of my life. For a solid month and it is so freeing. I used to think about when my next coffee fix was coming. That is not happening anymore. It feels like such a huge hurdle. I have also given up Facebook. I just wasn't finding a whole lot of positives. So while we were away I didn't post and I didn't look. I find ~for myself ~I am reading more and just finding other things to do. I just spent far to much time on there.

    I have been not feeling that great lately. John and I made a pact when we came back from our trip we would work on getting healthier. I really started thinking about what makes me happy and gives me joy.I wanted the healthy habits to be things that didn't feel like a chore. So I wrote down things I thought were missing and things I wanted to include more in my life.

  This includes more smoothies, weight training, walking with my neighbour and chatting up a storm, hiking,  going to Ancient Forest, getting a new bike, enjoy being outside, yoga, finding more healthy role models and blogging more often.

 I feel like I have to shake things up. I feel like I'm in a negative headspace and I feel so tired. Something needs to change and I am going to do something about it!!

    And NOT buy anymore girl guide cookies from my niece.(LOL) I am wishing everyone a beautiful and HAPPY Spring. I will end with a question." What brings you healthy pleasure and how are you going to make sure it is in your life???"

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