Sunday, September 2, 2012

My science project

  So I am embarking on a science project and the test subject is me. I got this idea from the current book I am reading The Engine 2 Diet. This is from the book

                                 Director of Advancement, Lance Armstrong Foundation

"Think of it as a science project.Pay close attention to the inputs and outputs.Monitor your sleep, exercise, energy, strength,mood and compare them with how you were on the traditional American diet. This is a bit of a game, and makes it easy and fun to see the results."

  Now I myself  have been plant based for a year and a half. I do feel lighter, my bowels (yuck) are very regular, my blood pressure is average and my cholesterol is better than average.But I could be better... I want to be in great shape as I get older and not be hampered by ailments. I want to travel the world with Josh and John as I get older and feel younger in spirit. I want to have great stamina and flexibility.I want to be filled with amazing energy.

 I have not been eating the best lately. Not enough good wholesome, clean foods. My sugar consumption is down but I can still do better.So I am doing my own science project. I am going to record the foods I eat, those bowel movements, sleep, energy levels,mood and exercise.

  My last question is..... do you and your loved ones know your numbers? It is NEVER to soon to look into these things. Don't be scared or naive won't happen to me. Heart disease is an epidemic, diabetes is epidemic and obesity is epidemic. We do need to think of the future in that it can be really great or really awful. Think of your loved ones, kids and YOURSELF. We get one life on this big beautiful planet lets make it healthy and happy!!

  I am putting up some links to some great plant based blogs and websites I hope you will check them out.
Forks over Knives
Engine 2 diet
Hol Fit - this blog has Canadian Ange sharing her ideas on being plant based. I like it because the food and things she likes are available in Canada. She also has great Youtube videos.
Happy Herbivore- Lindsay has a great website. the recipes are very healthy and easy.

                     I hope your having a great weekend before the kids go back to school!!!

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