Monday, August 13, 2012

Gone Camping

  So I haven't posted in awhile. I have been enjoying this gorgeous summer, we went camping and I changed jobs. I have been adjusting to a new schedule and I have been just wiped out. I wanted to do a camping post and I even took pictures to share. I can reassure everyone camping veg is really quite easy. Just have a plan. We went with my sisters family and we had a blast shopping. We had no kids, coffee and we had our lists. We love lists.So off to Save on More, Costco and the liquor store....of course!!!

 Our plan was to have everything for everyone then have my veg dish as well. My sister is an amazing cook and helped out so much. The plan was for me to be vegetarian for the week I did have cheese and some milk in cereal. But other than that we tried making some new dishes...onion balls.So yummy!!! We also got some great vegan dishes from Pinterest and dirty gourmet. Dirty gourmet blog is FANTASTIC for vegans and vegetarians looking to camp.We made camping nachos, grilled bananas foster (these were insane!!!), Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato pesto, olives, and spinach from this blog...all of these I would make again. My sister made her stuffed apples from her girl guide days. Days were spent doing excursions all around the Jasper area so we packed lunches. Sandwiches, fruit and veggies and lots of drinks. Nights we had our meal plans and Jaime and I had our wines we wanted to try. In all it was such a fantasic trip and we hope to do one again next year. My husband and I were blown away by the area and there so many other places we want to visit next year.
At The Columbia icefields

The Athabska Falls... Amazing!!!

Onion Balls ...So yummy!!

Banana foster right from the fire. Seriously the best desert EVER!!!

Me and my little man on the boat at Malinge Lake. In behind is the Valley of the Gods. One of the most magestic places I have ever been.

Gorgeous Malinge Lake. Jasper was so beautiful!!! Fabulous trip. Go Camping!!