Friday, August 5, 2011

Beauty everywhere

  I think that part of being healthy is the ability to see the amazing things around you and be thankful for them.I hope to teach that to my son. He is~ as you know from previous posts~ a bug lover.I have had to put away any squeamish thoughts because I have to save them all. Spiders,moths,ants,flies they all must be taken outside to live a great life.So this week we went on an adventure. I had to get him outside.So to tantalize his almost six year old brain, I said lets bring the camera,a notebook and a pen.I found out the most wonderful things about our neighborhood from a little boys perspective.It is amazing what children think.What would have taken easily 15 minutes as a walk took us about two hours of seeing things through his eyes and taking some pictures of some pretty amazing things.


  1. Have taken many, many walks like this with my boy, too. He is a big boy now (almost 16) so these pics take me back.

    I just brought in a plant that is suffering in the heat and put it on top of my washing machine. There are some teeny tiny ants that keep coming out and I keep using index cards to get them to crawl on so I can take them back outside to the spot where the plant was living. I hope they find their buddies.

  2. Stephanie I love it!! Josh always makes me save everything...okay no wasps,they always get a scream of
    16..sigh..this journey with Josh is already going so fast.He is 6 today.I can't imagine 16.