Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some goodies!!

   So on my trip I was able to get a few things that I couldn't get at home without ordering.We went into a HUGE Indigio Books.I could spend hours in book stores, I love them. I could also spend a fortune in them.lol.
     I was really excited to find Mandy Ingber's new Yoga DVD and I'm so pumped to try it.Then I found my yoga gloves that will help me hold positions longer.My hand get clammy and my downward dog ends up getting further apart.These gloves are the bomb they look silly but, I feel way more stable in them.
   I was thinking about which book I would look for if I was able to get to one of these big book stores. I knew I wanted Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's Daily Companion.It was there!!! I been reading it for a week. Every day I have learned something (Why everyone talks about massaging Kale??..I was baffled.Now I'm not).It will be a great book to add to my Vegan library.
  In all I didn't buy alot. I did find some fun things. John and I have intentions to go back next year for some clothes. I did find a tshirt I had looked for in the Nike store in Vegas but, had no luck.Even better I found it in the outlet store this time.I love the message and I think it's something all women should be striving for...."Strong is the New Beautiful".I can't wait to wear it!!!!


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