Monday, July 18, 2011

6 months!!


  So it's my 6 month anniversary being Veg. I have learned alot and I wanted to get some thoughts down about my adventure. This has been one of the biggest lifestyle changes for me and it feels wonderful!!

    I have learned their are some great meat alternatives on the market
     I have learned that their are alot of food I have never tried.
     I have learned that my family and friends are very supportive and will help me with my lifestyle changes.
     I have learned their are some amazing blogs that I can learn from.
     I have learned that it is important to try new things
     I have learned that their is no end to learning.

I am not not finished on this adventure and ...
    I still want to learn to bake  more often with dairy alternatives.
    I still want to cook with a few different ingredients.
    I still want to try more recipes and make my grocery list and menu plan before I get to the grocery store.
    I want to can and make some jams this summer and fall.
    I want to include more physical aspects to my advegture.More yoga,walking and weight training.
    I want to get on my blog more often.

I will end on a sad note we have had a huge change in our family. Our wonderful dog Shasta was put to rest after 15 wonderful years.She was silly,goofy and gave us unconditional love. Whenever I think of her I say " I love her and thank her for all the amazing love she gave us." Rest in Peace my first baby!!!


  1. Shasta was a wonderful dog!!! She gave the love she felt!! She had a wonderful life because of you, and the boys!!! This made me weepy as I miss her so. Every walk we take we will bless the steps taken with her!
    Love ya

  2. Oh my gosh that makes me cry. Blessing and thinking of her on walks is wonderful.Love ya!

  3. love this post! thanks for sharing your journey! I'm sure you still have lots to look forward to :)

    I am so sorry about your doggie though. Losing an animal is incredibly painful. But think of what a wonderful life you gave her while she was here on earth.